The Yoga classes give me more awareness of my body. I like the energy and variety that is given in each session. Keep going.
Nada Massoud
Yoga helped me change my way of living. It helped me understand the importance of my body. I'm grateful specifically to Carla who is caring enough and patient enough to help each and everyone out despite of their level. Thank you Carla from the bottom of my heart. I can now wear my dresses with pride.
Farah Abi Haila
I love my Yoga classes. The way the exercises, the programs that are always different in some way, the breathing, the postures, and the relaxed atmosphere with our excellent, patient and adorable teacher Carla.
Lucine Atamian
I feel more relaxed and I start to enjoy it more and more and I am into it a lot.
Dunia Hayek
I love attending and practicing both classes. Carla is an amazing, passionate and very flexible and patient instructor. I have benefited a lot physically, spiritually and emotionally over the years because of her two classes but most of all because of her and all she reflects and transmits to us.
Angelique Sabounjian
Yoga and pilates classes strengthen all your muscles from one side and from the other side it relaxes your body and mind. Amazing combination
Danielle Moutran
At the end of a hectic day, I can think of no better way to unwind. What kicks off slowly as breathing exercises and preliminary stretching later picks up to culminate in heart-racing cathartic vinyasa sequences, soon turning into an addiction. These weekly ritual-like classes yield more awareness and control over the body and the mind. Fused with passion, yoga practice with Carla is unrivaled. Every class is an adventure. Carefully planned and versatile, yet delivering the most intuitive teaching only years of savvy can offer!
Dayana Francis - Conference Interpreter
My wife and I are visiting form the US, we live in Santa Moncia California with the most concentration of Yoga studios and instructors.
We consider ourselves especially fortunate to meet and practice yoga with Carla Moukaszel. Carla is not a Yoga instructor she is a world class nurturing educator with a spiritual intention to exemplify Love, peace and Joy for all she touches. The Bliss my wife and I experience in Carla's class has made our stay in beautiful Lebanon pure and heavenly. Carla obviously has an extensive educational background in the physical sciences but her spiritual gifts are God given. She is truly a treasure in the most magnificent sense of the word. We are Grateful for her.
Maged and Samira Guirguis
Yoga and Pilates classes are great and wonderful. They give me energy, self confidence, peace and a very special feeling of positiveness for sure about myself and my body.
Ghada Bou Dagher