Yoga, an art of living in harmony in which matter and spirit vibrate in union by the practice of Prana and the asana in the quest for the divine hidden Self.

If all rivers flow into the sea, different schools of yoga are many paths to reach the hidden itself .

• Hatha Yoga strengthens the body energy.

• Raja Yoga deepens the consciousness of the body up to the spiritual.

• Bhakti Yoga is a simple access to the desire to become prayer.

• Kriya Yoga is to recognize the power of itself on any item.

... and other methods yet, but in reality Yoga transcends all definitions ...

Yoga, a garden of senses and consciousness, it reserves the splendours and offers those who are ready and available for the visit.

Be well in body and spirit is to be in harmony with his conscience and his soul, when the mind and body intertwine.

The flower of yoga, a symbol of life.

Yog√£sana: "Be yourself"

The postures of yoga are carrying the physiological well-being and a symbolic message designed to awaken the consciousness in the body that hosts.

To practice yoga we have to know its foundations "the eight-member":

• Yama: non-violence, truth, moderation ...

• Niyama: purity, contentment, self-knowledge, let go ...

• Asana: posture.

• Pranayama: work, lengthening of the breath.

• Pratyahara: withdrawal of the senses.

• Dharana: concentration of the mind.

• Dhyana: meditation.

• Samadhi: state of unity.