Yoga on the Beach 2015

As we step out, the sun beats down in musical rays.
Once the concrete meets the sand we release our feet from the chains of our shoes.

The beauty of the beach is immense.

What better way to get the ultimate mind, body experience than by performing yoga on the beach? Imagine listening to the sound of waves, smelling saltwater and feeling the gentle touch of sand. No music is necessary because nature provides it own unique sounds, allowing one to relax while practicing asanas. The body needs fresh air to receive a stable supply of oxygen. Negative ions are found in fresh air that is near plants and trees, around flowing water and after thunderstorms. Crisp air has many benefits such as building the immune system, improving metabolism and giving one a sense of satisfaction by changing the serotonin levels in the brain. Practicing on an uneven surface like sand builds the secondary muscles in your feet, hips, knees and shoulder joints. Whatever your reason for wanting to try yoga on the beach, give it a try. There are many health benefits. So, build your secondary muscles, relax, get sunlight and fresh air and workout like the stars. Let go of something, somewhere.

Use yoga to become aware, to touch what lies beneath the surface of the skin. Is there tension longing for release; a knot of fear so deep and familiar that you believe it's part of who you are? Ease into dark corners, locked rooms, unexplored hallways. Gain entry not by force or will but only by softness. Enter on the wings of breath, and turn the key of self-acceptance to let go of something, somewhere.