Upavistha Konasana

Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend
Upavistha Konasana

  • Open your legs to an angle of 90 degrees.
  • Pull the floor towards you with your hands and slide your buttocks forward, while trying to open your legs a little more.
  • Rotate your thighs outwardly.
  • Press the floor with your thigh bones and point your knee caps up towards the ceiling.
  • Walk your hands forward between your legs.
  • Emphasize on moving from the hip joints and maintaining a straight back.
  • Increase the forward bend on each exhalation until you feel a comfortable stretch in the backs of your legs.

The Benefits
Stretches the legs from the inside and the outside
Stimulates the abdominal organs
Strengthens the spine
Calms the brain
Releases groins