Hiking Baskinta 2015

Sunday 7th 2015 - Baskinta

Nature is alive. Living sky and living hills expand and contract. Witnessing nature brings connection, connection brings peace, and peace brings healing. Nature is the only truth that remains in a world increasingly covered by pavement and plastic.

Nature can improve our health. Listening to sounds of nature and visualizing ourselves in nature can reduce stress by creating a similar state of relaxation that is achieved through various forms of sitting meditation.

Silent hiking provides a way to reconnect to the earth and to the living system from which we have fallen. Health cannot exist for all people when we do not respect the healing power of pristine nature. Separating ourselves from nature is like separating ourselves from the flow of life. Nature is the true healer, as well as the source of the power for our existence. Silent hiking does not solve all our problems, but this practice releases the stress of living in a false construct and opens us to the healing present in the power of nature.