Beam of Balance 2013

Drawing on her background of classical music and figure skating, Virpi Pahkinen depicts with her body what some described as "a visual prayer". At one of her stops in Beirut, the Finnish-born choreographer and solo dancer will combine the ancient discipline of yoga with contemporary dance techniques. With coordination and core strength as the main focus, the challenging workshop transports you beyond the mere physical body into a higher state of fluidity and awareness.

Yogadream students flocked to Body energy for Virpi Pahkinen's workshop. After a brief introduction by Carla, Virpi recounted her adventure with yoga. Opening the workshop with classical sun salutations, the Finnish dancer challenged participants to a series of arm balances and hip openers. As the pace increased, participants followed Virpi in a contemporary dance phrase, taken from her own show.

Where contemporary dance meets yoga
By Virpi Pahkinen